Open Space Working Party

The Open Spaces Working Party is responsible for the general maintenance of all the land, buildings and equipment owned by the Parish Council including parks, woodland and open spaces. This includes litter and dog waste service collection; benches and seats maintenance, grass and hedge cutting; tree maintenance; daily play ground equipment inspection and maintenance; boundary fence and gate maintenance; upkeep of all building owned and maintenance of all associated signage.

The Open Spaces Working Party is also responsible for the maintenance of the Holy Trinity Closed Churchyard and the War Memorial, over 500 footway street lights, over 70 allotment plots over two sites, six brick bus shelters and 1 metal shelter.

Working Party Members

  • Chairman – David Thompson
  • Vice Chairman – Vacant
  • Members –  Jane Baker, Judy Weaver, John Horton, Vacant

Open Space Areas (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council)

Other Open Spaces and Woodland Owned by Hazlemere PC

A tree survey has been undertaken in 2020 by Wycombe District Council (now Buckinghamshire Council), giving a future works schedule and maintenance plan.

  • Woodland and Open Space at Holmer Green Road
  • Woodland and Open Space at Roberts Ride opposite Copes Shroves
  • Woodland and Open Space in front of 19-25 Beechfield Way
  • Woodland at Sanctuary Wood
  • Woodland at The Spinney
  • Woodland and Open Space at The Warren
  • Open Space outside Cedar Park School
  • Open Space at Maple Close
  • Open Space at Highfield Way
  • Open Space at Holmoak Walk
  • Open Space at Fallowfields
  • Open Space at Lowfield Way
  • Open Space at Queensway
  • Open Space in front of Nos 123-135 Cedar Avenue
  • Open Space at Curzon Avenue (by shops)