Hazlemere Community Safety Charter

Hazlemere Parish Council are pleased to have signed up to the Community Safety Charter 2022. The purpose of the charter is to better understand how different organisations and individuals work together for a common aim can help reduce incidents of harassment, antisocial behaviours, and intimidation in public spaces and ensure that those who are affected are given the reassurance and support they need.

Hazlemere Parish Council pledge to:

  • Promote a culture that does not tolerate harmful language, antisocial behaviour, or hostility towards others
  • Enable others to identify and take an active stance against harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation in the local area
  • Take seriously all reports and disclosures made to you or your organisation and actively encourage and support individuals to report harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation. Share what you witness about these crimes with the relevant authorities
  • Do what you can to help individuals affected and signpost victims to relevant support agencies

There will be regular training modules which will be made available in the links below.


These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. Request an accessible format.

Hate Crime

Neighbourhood Watch have shared information about Hate Crime. What is it? How can you recognise it? And most importantly, how do you report it. Please see the video link below for more information or visit the following website :


Antisocial Behaviour

The Community Charter has shared information about Antisocial Behaviour including abandoned vehicles, flytipping, anti social behaviour in the community and in the home (with neighbours etc), drug dealing and most importantly, how to deal with ASB and where to report it to. The presentation is 10-15 minutes to watch and it will open a new page on your browser.

Bystander Intervention

Welcome to your module pack for “Bystander Intervention”, which will help you to make choices that could help support the victim of harassment, hate crime and bullying, to name but a few situations.  We are all bystanders in our everyday lives, and we intervene without realising that we have.  It could be as simple as telling someone to take a taxi home rather than driving, after a night out, to asking a person is okay after someone had shouted at them in the street. This module highlights what safe actions you can take when faced with a situation.  The 5D’s are well known and proven steps to take in these circumstances. Please click on the link to the BYSTANDER INTERVENTION MODULE PACK  and share with your network.